20 Fun Rapid Fire Questions with Four Options

Rapid fire questions and answers is a type of speed communication in which questions are posed rapidly and responses are given quickly.

This type of communication can be used in a variety of settings, including business meetings, interviews, and classroom settings.

Rapid fire quiz questions and answers can be an effective way to get information from someone quickly, as well as to gauge their reactions to certain topics.

Are you up for the challenge? We have 20 Bible rapid fire questions with answers for your next youth meeting or church outing.

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Rapid Fire Questions with Answers

Q1: What is honourable among all?

a: Charity
b: Faith
c: Marriage
d: Honesty

Answer: Marriage - Hebrews 13:4

Q2: Fill in the blank: "Blessed are the _: for they shall inherit the earth.

a: pure in heart
b: meek
c: merciful
d: peacemakers

Answer: Meek

Q3: Who is first born son of King David?

a: Chileab
b: Absalom
c: Amnon
d: Adonijah

Answer: Amnon - 2 Samuel 3:2

Q4: How many chapters are there in Book of Proverbs?

a: 33
b: 36
c: 35
d: 31

Answer: 31

Q5: What tribe is Paul from?

a: Benjamin
b: Joseph
c: Judah
d: Simion

Answer: Benjamin - Philippians 3:4-8

Q6: Fill in the blank: "Love is patient, love is _. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

a: Kind
b: Fulfilling
c: From the heart
d: Sincere

Answer: King - 1 Corinthians 13:4

Q7: Who was Joseph's firstborn?

a: Manasseh
b: Ephraim
c: Asher
d: Simeon

Answer: Manasseh - Joshua 17:1

Q8: Complete this sentence: "Horeb is the name of __."

a: Mountain
b: Town
c: Palace
d: Desert

Answer: Mountain - Judges 7:25

Q9: "I know your works, that you have a reputation of being alive, but you are dead. This was written to

a: Philadelphia
b: Sardis
c: Laodicea
d: Thyatira

Answer: Sardis - Revelations 3:1

Q10: How long did Methuselah lived?

a: 3 months
b: 33 years
c: 99 years
d: 969 years

Answer: 969 years - Genesis 5:27

Q11: When God was in the thick darkness, who went near to him?

a: Abraham
b: Moses
c: Enoch
d: Job

Moses: Exodus 20:21

Q12: How many elders did Moses choose to assist him?

a: 43
b: 96
c: 70
d: 50

Answer: 70 - Numbers 11:16

Q13: When Jesus gave his disciples the traditional cup of wine, He said, "This is my blood of the covenant, which is __"

a: Manna from heaven
b: The water of life
c: Shed on the cross
d: Poured out for many

Answer: Poured out for many - Mark 14:2325

Q14: Each of these creatures plagued Egypt except.?

a: Serpents
b: Flies
c: Lice
d: Locusts

Answer: Serpents - Exodus 8

Q15: When Jesus broke bread and passed to his disciples, he said "Take, this is _"

a: Food for the soul
b: My body
c: The bread of life
d: The new covenant

Answer: My body - Mark 14:22

Q16: Fill in the blank: "Honour your______, so that you may live long in the land God is giving you"

a: God, the Almighty
b: father and mother
c: Forefathers
d: Sons and daughters

Answer: father and mother - Exodus 20:12

Q17: In the book of Job, who is the adversary?

a: His Wife
b: Kings
c: Gabriel
d: Satan

Answer: Satan - Job 1

Q18: For how long did Job's friends sit in Silence?

a: One hour
b: Six hours
c: One day
d: Seven days

Answer: Seven days - Job 2:13

Q19: How did Jonah end up in the sea?

a: The sailors threw him overboard.
b: He was thrown off the ship by the force of the storm.
c: He jumped into the sea to escape from the men trying to kill him
d: God sent a whirlwind to lift him from the ship and drop him in the sea.

Answer: The sailors threw him overboard - Jonah 1:5-16

Q20: What secret did Esther keep from King?

a: She was Jewish
b: She was already married
c: She was Philistine
d: None of the above

Answer: She was Jewish - Esther 2:20

Rapid Fire Questions with Four Options

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