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Cricket is one of the most popular and oldest sports in the world, with a rich history and tradition, and adored by millions of fans and followers.

From the famous cricket tournaments, test matches, one-day internationals and twenty20 internationals, to rules and records, there's something for everyone to learn from this collection of challenging questions and answers.

Brush up on your cricket knowledge with our Cricket trivia questions and answers and see how much you actually know about the sport.

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Cricket Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Who won 2010 Asia Cricket Cup

Answer: India

2. Daniel Vettori coaches which IPL team?

Answer: Royal Challengers Bangalore

3. M. S. Dhoni captains which IPL team?

Answer: Chennai Super Kings

4. In what year was the first test match played at Lord's?

Answer: 1884

5. Who holds the record for the most wickets taken (39) in ICC Women's World Cup history?

Answer: Lyn Fullston

6. Who was named as the ICC T20I Women's Cricketer of the Year 2014?

Answer: Meg Lanning

7. Where is Eden Park No. 1 located?

Answer: Auckland

8. Who is the head coach of the England national cricket team in 2015?

Answer: Trevor Bayliss

9. Where is Ashes urn always kept?

Answer: MCC Museum at Lord's

10. Boyd Rankin played international cricket for which two national teams?

Answer: England and Ireland

11. Which former West Indian cricketer was captain of USA team?

Answer: Neil McGarrell

12. Mongoose bat is specifically designed for _____ cricket.

Answer: Twenty20

13. What nickname was given to Australian cricket team in England in 1948?

Answer: "The Invincibles"

14. For which country is Misbah-ul-Haq playing?

Answer: Pakistan

15. Chris Cairns is a former all-rounder who played for the _________ international cricket team.

Answer: New Zealand

16. Who holds the record for the fastest century in a ICC World Cup history?

Answer: Kevin O'Brien

17. Which country won 2009 ICC Champions Trophy?

Answer: Australia

Answer: Eddie Barlow

19. Which country won 2002 ICC Champions Trophy?

Answer: Sri Lanka and India

20. Who was given the nickname "the Black Bradman"?

Answer: George Headley

Cricket Questions and Answers

Cricket Trivia Questions and Answers

21. Who was named as the ICC Women's ODI Cricketer of the Year 2014?

Answer: Sarah Taylor

22. What is Jaffa in cricket?

Answer: Unplayable delivery

23. Which player was the first to be named the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World in 2008 and 2009?

Answer: Virender Sehwag

24. Which 1987 Wisden Cricketer of the Year wrote autobiography "Heart of the Lion"?

Answer: Courtney Walsh

25. Which cricketer has his own video games?

Answer: Brian Lara

26. Who won 2009 Friends Provident Trophy?

Answer: Hampshire

27. Who is the only player to have scored two T20I centuries and 2000 runs in T20I?

Answer: Brendon McCullum

28. Who was the youngest player ever to appear in first-class cricket (12 years and 73 days)?

Answer: Alimuddin

29. Who is the first English bowler to reach a 400 wicket-haul in International Test Cricket?

Answer: James Anderson

30. When did Canada participate in the Cricket World Cup for the first time?

Answer: 1979

31. What does the letter W in WACA stands for?

Answer: Western

32. Which sport was Stuart Broad's dad playing?

Answer: Cricket

33. The first Test match was played between England and Australia in which year?

Answer: 1877

34. Which country was champion of the ICC World Cup in 1996?

Answer: Sri Lanka

35. Who was the head coach of the Pakistan national cricket team in 2015?

Answer: Waqar Younis

36. Which politician is also Pakistan's most successful cricket captain?

Answer: Imran Khan

37. In 1996 the whole team from which country was awarded the Men of the Match award?

Answer: New Zealand

38. Which country won the 2009 ICC World T20 title?

Answer: Pakistan

39. Which country was champion in 2007–08 ICC Intercontinental Cup?

Answer: Ireland

40. What term is used for a score of 111, either of a team or an individual batsman?

Answer: Nelson

Cricket Quiz For Kids

Cricket Quiz For Kids

41. Who received the Man of the Match award in the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final?

Answer: M. S. Dhoni

42. Where is the annual Boxing Day Test match played?

Answer: Melbourne Cricket Ground

43. How many ICC Intercontinental Cup titles won Ireland until 2015?

Answer: 4

44. What is a run scored after the ball has touched any part of the batsman but his hand (or his bat)?

Answer: Leg-bye

45. Who represented England in cricket and Scotland in rugby union?

Answer: Gregor MacGregor

46. Where is Sophia Gardens cricket ground located?

Answer: Cardiff

47. Which country won 2013 ICC Champions Trophy?

Answer: India

48. Who won 2011 South American Cricket Championship?

Answer: Chile

49. Chris Gayle plays international cricket for which country?

Answer: West Indies

50. Who captained the Indian T20I team in 2015?

Answer: Ajinkya Rahane

51. In which year was Martin Guptill born?

Answer: 1986

52. Who holds the record for most centuries (15) in T20 cricket?

Answer: Chris Gayle

53. When did Ireland participate in the Cricket World Cup for the first time?

Answer: 2007

54. Which retired England international cricketer published autobiography "Opening Up" in 2003?

Answer: Mike Atherton

55. Who was named as the ICC Emerging player of the year 2014?

Answer: Gary Ballance

56. Which national team is often called "The Chevrons"?

Answer: Zimbabwean

57. Who was the first player to score a century in Test cricket?

Answer: Charles Bannerman

58. Who co-owns UAE Royals tennis team and Indian FC Goa?

Answer: Virat Kohli

59. Who holds the record for highest innings (215) in a ICC World Cup history?

Answer: Chris Gayle

60. What is the distance between two wickets?

Answer: 22 yards

Cricket History Quiz

61. When did Zimbabwe participate in the Cricket World Cup for the first time?

Answer: 1983

62. When did England and Australia play the first T20I?

Answer: 2005

63. Who holds the record for the highest individual score in ICC World Cup history?

Answer: Martin Guptill

64. When a bowler delivers a different type of delivery each time, it is called?

Answer: Fruit Salad

65. Who was named as the ICC Cricketer of the Year in 2014?

Answer: Mitchell Johnson

66. Which former cricketer, who played for the West Indies, is widely acknowledged to be cricket's greatest all-rounder?

Answer: Garfield Sobers

67. Which Wisden Leading Cricketer in the World in 1994 and 1995 wrote autobiography "Beating the Field"?

Answer: Brian Lara

68. When was Kumar Sangakkara born?

Answer: 1977

69. When did England and Australia play the first ODI?

Answer: 1971

70. Who won the 2014 The Champions League Twenty20 title?

Answer: Chennai Super Kings

71. Who received ICC trophy for cricketer of the year 2009 and 2014?

Answer: Mitchell Johnson

72. Where is Lord's Cricket Ground located?

Answer: London

73. Which country was champion of the ICC World Cup 2007?

Answer: Australia

74. What shape is cricket field?

Answer: Oval

75. When did Namibia participate in the Cricket World Cup for the first and only time?

Answer: 2003

76. Who took a five-wicket haul for South Africa in its first ever ODI in 1991?

Answer: Allan Donald

77. Who represented South Africa in cricket and England in rugby union?

Answer: Tuppy Owen-Smith

78. Who represented New South Wales in both rugby league and cricket?

Answer: Graeme Hughes

79. Which ground is considered to be "Home of Cricket"?

Answer: Lord's

80. Which cricketer is popularly nicknamed as "The Prince of Port of Spain"?

Answer: Brian Lara

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