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We bring you another exciting bible quiz with answers - who am I questions for Bible quiz to test your knowledge of the word of God.

Looking for questions for a Bible quiz for a youth program, Bible quiz trivia, or who am I bible quiz for adults, we have the right questions covered here.

Each who am I quiz question comes with 3 possible answers to choose the correct one from. The correct answers are available at the end of the quiz with Bible verse for reference. We also provide you with who am I bible game pdf to print out.

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Table of Contents

Who Am I Questions For Bible Quiz - Round 1

1. God used me to create man. Who am I?

A: Dust from the ground
B: Sand
C: Water

2. I am the chief eunuch of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. Who am I?

A: Ashpenaz
B: Artaxerxes
C: Meshach

3. God Said to me: "Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known." Who am I?

A: Jeremiah
B: Moses
C: Noah

4. I am the second king of Israel. Who am I?

A: David
B: Saul
C: Solomon

5. I said to Paul: "In a short time would you persuade me to be a Christian?" Who am I?

A: King Agrippa
B: Porcius Festus
C: Caesar

6. I was the third king of Israel. Who am I?

A: Solomon
B: David
C: Saul

7. I was swallowed by a big fish. Who am I?

A: Jonah
B: Joel
C: Elisha

8. I took counsel with the young men rather than with the old men. Who am I?

A: Rehoboam
B: Jeroboam
C: Josiah

9. I was taken from the man's body to make the woman. Who am I?

A: Rib
B: Ankle
C: Arm

10. I am a sacred book. My words talk of a man that was ordered not to weep. Who am I?

A: Revelation
B: Matthew
C: Acts

Who Am I Questions For Bible Quiz - Round 2

11. When I looked back I became a pillar of salt. Who am I?

A: Lot's Wife
B: Daniel's Wife
C: Moses' Wife

12. I am a mother. I saved Elijah's life and then I was rewarded with my son's life. Who am I?

A: Zarephath's widow
B: Naboth's widow
C: Asenath

13. I am a Roman centurion and I asked someone to call Peter to know more about Jesus. Who am I?

A: Cornelius
B: Onesimus
C: Phileus

14. King Saul, among others, envied and persecuted me, seeking to kill me. Who am I?

A: David
B: Joshua
C: Jonathan

15. I am an apostle and I was arrested on Patmos' Island. Who am I?

A: John
B: Paul
C: Andrew

16. I am the only book of the Bible where you can see the word "Immortal". Who am I?

A: 1 Timothy
B: 1 John
C: 1 Corinthians

17. I appeared to Abraham to be sacrificed instead of Isaac. Who am I?

A: A ram
B: A sheep
C: A Bear

18. I am a sacred book. My words says that you should not quench the Spirit. Who am I?

A: 1 Thessalonians
B: 1 Timothy
C: 1 Corinthians

19. With 300 soldiers I defeated the midianites. Who am I?

A: Gideon
B: Absalom
C: Joshua

20. I am a king and I married 14 women. Who am I?

A: Abijah
B: Joash
C: Zimri

Who Am I Bible Quiz - Round 3

21. When Apostle Paul went to Troas, He left in my house his cloak and some books. Who am I?

A: Carpus
B: Cephas
C: Amnon

22. Every day I prayed and gave sacrifices for my children, to purify them. Who am I?

A: Job
B: Stephen
C: Abraham

23. I am the eighth commandment. Who am I?

A: Shall not steal
B: Shall not commit adultery
C: Shall not murder

24. Over 40 men sworn neither to eat nor drink until they had killed me. Who am I?

A: Paul
B: Peter
C: James

25. God created me on the second Day. Who am I?

A: the Heavens
B: dry land and Plants
C: the Animals and Men

26. I am the first man described as a Herald. Who am I?

A: Noah
B: Moses
C: Joshua

27. Abraham's brother Nahor has me as his concubine. Who am I?

A: Reumah
B: Ramah
C: Ahinoam

28. God used me to destroy all living things on Earth. Who am I?

A: Water
B: Meteors
C: Fire

29. I died eaten by worms because I did not give glory to God. Who am I?

A: Herod
B: Pharaoh
C: Pilate

30. They put on my back a cross to carry behind Jesus on the way to Golgotha. Who am I?

A: Simon
B: Matthew
C: John

Bible Quiz - Who Am I Questions - Round 4

31. I tried to murder my own son during a dinner. Who am I?

A: Saul
B: Solomon
C: Jonathan

32. I am the land God showed Abraham so that He could leave the land of Ur. Who am I?

A: Canaan
B: Goshen
C: Judah

33. I am Naomi's redeemer. Who am I?

A: Boaz
B: Amos
C: Caiaphas

34. I was tricked by a serpent, sinned against God and made my husband sin too. Who am I?

A: Eve
B: Sarah
C: Hannah

35. I am a sacred book. You can read on me that Jesus wrote on the floor. Who am I?

A: John
B: Luke
C: Matthew

36. I am a bird. The Holy Spirit manifested through me on Jesus' baptism. Who am I?

A: A dove
B: A parrot
C: An eagle

37. I deceived my father when he was old. Who am I?

A: Jacob
B: Esau
C: Ishmael

38. I sold my birthright to Jacob for stew. Who am I?

A: Esau
B: Joseph
C: Elisha

39. I was Queen of the Ethiopians and I allowed one of my court officials to go to Jerusalem to worship. Who am I?

A: Candace
B: Maacah
C: Bernice

40. I am a sacred book. My words say that a joyful heart is a good medicine. Who am I?

A: Proverbs
B: Psalms
C: Song of Songs

Who Am I Bible Trivia Questions - Round 5

41. I was accused by my wife of shedding blood. Who am I?

A: Moses
B: David
C: Joseph

42. God created me on the third day. Who am I?

A: Dry land and Plants
B: The Heavens
C: the animals and men

43. When Jesus went into Jerusalem, he was riding me. Who am I?

A: Donkey
B: Camel
C: Horse

44. I was singing and dancing while I crossed the Red Sea. Who am I?

A: Miriam
B: Hannah
C: Sarah

45. I sent an executioner to kill John the Baptist. Who am I?

A: Herod
B: Pilate
C: Cirius

46. I gave command that a servant of God would be killed and then I couldn't eat or sleep. Who am I?

A: King Darius
B: King Nebuchadnezzar
C: King David

47. I am the grandmother of death. Who am I?

A: Desire
B: Sin
C: Covet

48. God chose me to take Moses' place on leading the people. Who am I?

A: Joshua
B: Aaron
C: Joseph

49. I Said: "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" Who am I?

A: John the Baptist
B: Peter
C: John of Nazareth

50. I am a sacred book. On me it is written: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want." Who am I?

A: Psalms
B: Acts
C: Jeremiah

Who Am I Answers For Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz Questions for Youths

1. Dust from the ground - Genesis 2:7
2. Ashpenaz - Daniel 1:3
3. Jeremiah - Jeremiah 33:1-3
4. David - 2 Samuel 2:4
5. King Agrippa - Acts 26:28
6. Solomon - 1 Kings 1:39
7. Jonah - Jonah 1:17
8. Rehoboam - 1 Kings 12:6-8
9. Rib - Genesis 2:22
10. Revelation - Revelation 5:5

11. Lot's Wife - Genesis 19:26
12. Zarephath's widow - 1 Kings 17:9-24
13. Cornelius - Acts 10:1-8
14. David - 1 Samuel 18:6-12
15. John - Revelation 1:9
16. 1 Timothy - 1 Timothy 1:17
17. A ram - Genesis 22:13
18. 1 Thessalonians - 1 Thess 5:19
19. Gideon - Judges 6
20. Abijah - 2 Chronicles 13:21

Who Am I Bible Quiz Questions and Answers
questions for bible quiz

21. Carpus - 2 Timothy 4:13
22. Job - Job 1:5
23. Shall not steal - Exodus 20:15
24. Paul - Acts 23:12-14
25. the Heavens - Genesis 1:6-8
26. Noah - 2 Peter 2:5
27. Reumah - Genesis 22:24
28. Water - Genesis 6:17
29. Herod - Acts 12:21-23
30. Simon - Luke 23:26

31. Saul - 1 Samuel 20:33
32. Canaan - Genesis 12:5
33. Boaz - Ruth 4:1-12
34. Eve - Genesis 3
35. John - John 8:6-8
36. A dove - Matthew 3:16
37. Jacob - Genesis 27:19-33
38. Esau - Genesis 25:32-34
39. Candace - Acts 8:27
40. Proverbs - Proverbs 17:22

41. Moses - Exodus 4:24-25
42. Dry land and Plants - Genesis 1:9-13
43. Donkey - Matthew 21:7-10
44. Miriam - Exodus 15:20
45. Herod - Mark 6:27
46. King Darius - Daniel 6:16-19
47. Desire - James 1:15
48. Joshua - Joshua 1:1-2
49. John the Baptist - John 1:29
50. Psalms - Psalm 23:1

We hope that you have been blessed and learnt something from our collection of who am I questions for Bible quiz game.

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