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The book of Exodus 16 tells the story of manna from heaven. Manna was a substance that fell from heaven and was used as food by the Israelites during their journey in the wilderness.

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Manna From Heaven Questions

1. After the Israelite's left Elim, they journeyed next to where?

a: Desert of Sin
b: Desert of Paran
c: Desert of Ziph
d: Desert of Kadesh

2. While they camped at the desert of sin, the Israelite's complained to Moses and Aaron about what?

a: Sleep
b: Hunger
c: Heat
d: Snake bite

3. What did God promise to rain down from the sky for the Israelites?

a: Snow
b: Rain
c: Drinks
d: Food

4. How often did God instruct them to gather the food in order to test them if they will follow His instructions?

a: Twice weekly
b: Every weekend
c: Every fortnight
d: Every day

5. On which day did God instruct them to gather twice as much as usual?

a: On the 7th day
b: On the 6th day
c: On the 5th day
d: On the 4th day

6. What did Moses say the Lord will give the Israelites to eat in the evening?

a: Fruits
b: Fish
c: Meat
d: Vegetables

7. What did God promise to give them to eat in the morning?

a: Grapes
b: Word of life
c: Bread
d: Grain

8. While Aaron talked with the people, they all turned towards the desert and saw what?

a: The glory of God
b: A pillar of fire
c: A rainbow
d: A pillar of cloud

9. What flew into the camp of the Israelites at evening?

a: A flock of ravens
b: A flock of seagulls
c: A flock of doves
d: A flock of quails

10. How long did the Israelites eat quail and manna?

a: For forty days
b: For forty weeks
c: For forty years
d: For forty months

11. When the Israelites saw something thin and flaky on the surface of the desert that looked like frost, what did they ask each other?

a: Wow did you see that?
b: What is it?
c: Did God do this?
d: Can we name this thing we are seeing?

12. According to Moses, God commanded that each family should gather how many Manna per person?

a: An omer
b: A pot
c: A bag
d: A drum

13. Moses warned them that no manna should be kept until when?

a: Morning
b: Evening
c: Midnight
d: Noon

14. When some Israelites disobeyed God by keeping part of the manna till morning, what happened to the manna?

a: The quails ate it
b: It became bitter
c: It turned to dust
d: Filled with maggots

15. On which day is manna not available to the Israelites?

a: On Yom Kippur day
b: On Passover day
c: On Sabbath day
d: Feast of Tabernacles

16. According to the Israelites, manna tasted like what?

a: Banana pudding with honey
b: Candy with honey
c: Wafers made with honey
d: Legumes mixed with honey

17. God told Moses to preserve an omer of manna for what?

a: As a testimony against them
b: As a sign of His love
c: Next generation to see the grains He gave them to eat
d: Next generation to see the bread He gave them to eat

18. According to ancient measurement, an omer is what ephah?

a: one-hundredth
b: one-tenth
c: one-fifth
d: one-twelfth

19. Manna is likened to what seed?

a: Mustard seed
b: Celery seed
c: Cumin seed
d: Coriander seed

20. What happens to the manna when exposed to hot Sun?

a: It became solid
b: It melted away
c: It evaporated
d: It burned

Manna From Heaven Quiz Answers

Manna From Heaven Questions and Answers
Israelites gathering manna. Attribution unknown

1. Desert of Sin - Exodus 16:1
2. Hunger - Exodus 16:3
3. Food - Exodus 16:4
4. Every day - Exodus 16:4
5. On the 6th day - Exodus 16:5
6. Meat - Exodus 16:8
7. Bread - Exodus 16:8
8. The glory of God - Exodus 16:10
9. A flock of quails - Exodus 16:13
10. For forty years - Exodus 16:35
11. What is it? - Exodus 16:14
12. An omer - Exodus 16:16
13. Morning - Exodus 16:19
14. Filled with maggots - Exodus 16:20
15. On Sabbath day (the seventh day) - Exodus 16:26
16. Wafers made with honey - Exodus 16:31
17. Next generation to see the bread He gave them to eat - Exodus 16:32
18. one-tenth - Exodus 16:36
19. Coriander seed - Exodus 16:31
20. It melted away - Exodus 16:21

Frequently Asked Questions

What is manna?

Manna is a supernatural food that God gave to the Israelites during their forty years journey in the wilderness.

Why did God provide manna for the Israelites?

God provided manna as a source of food for the Israelites and to show them His power and goodness.

What is the wilderness of Sin in Exodus 16?

The wilderness of Sin is a location mentioned in the book of Exodus 16. It is described as being a piece of land located between Elim and Sinai. The Israelites travelled through the wilderness of Sin during their journey from Egypt to Mount Sinai.

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